LG announces Wireless Charging Pad for mobile phones

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The Wireless Charging Pad WCP-700 is that the initial wireless charging answer for mobile phones from LG. A mobile is charged using inductive coils engineered into the battery doors and internal contacts.

LG has not revealed any details concerning how durable the wireless charger can use to totally charge an empty battery, however we have a tendency to are guessing the time is approximately an equivalent as for charging with wire. In these eco friendly times, {it can|it’ll} even be attention-grabbing to check what quantity further watt the wireless charger will draw compared to standard chargers.

The LG Wireless Charging Pad ought to be simple to use. simply place the phone on high of the charger pad and appearance for one in every of the visual, audible and tactile feedbacks to check when the phone is placed properly on the charger. A LED indicator shows the standing of the charging that are able to Charge, Charging and totally Charged. the scale of the Wirelress Charging Pad is one hundred sixty x ninety x nine.9 mm.

We expect to check support for the Wireless Charger Pad in upcoming LG phone models. LG doesn’t reveal if this charging answer are going to be on the market for existing phone models.

LG isn’t the sole manufacture with wireless charging solutions. HP contains a similar answer for his or her newly announced HP Pre3. it’s known as Touchstone Charging Dock and it conjointly charges the phone by putting it on the charger pad.

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