Apple iPad 2 got good response than Expectation

March 28, 2011 12:14 am0 commentsViews: 2

apple-ipad-2 Apple has succeeded not solely in creating its screen considerably thinner than the previous version however it’s additionally managed to form it absolutely was stronger than it ever was.

A real life check by iPhone repair specialists iFixyouri showed that the iPad two glass isn’t hardly as sturdy because the original one however additionally, and additional importantly, terribly versatile that makes it additional doubtless to everyday tumbles and knocks.

The repair search went as way as dropping the glass from a traditional height and it would not break. Apple managed to shave twenty seven per cent of the glass’s width that helped reduced the thickness of the iPad two to by thirty three per cent.

There were fears, initially, that a thinner glass would possibly cause some quality problems and iFixit reported that changing the screen to a higher one would be considerably harder as a result of Apple switched to an answer that involves employing a heap of glue instead of clips.

The repair search additionally noted that whereas the "LCD is de facto straightforward to get rid of once the front panel is gone", using glue "greatly increasing the probabilities of cracking the glass when making an attempt to get rid of it" which foam used will increase the "chances of it being shattered throughout disassembly".

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