Vidya’s double talk

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It’s ironical to note how some folks like to contradict themselves. one thing similar happened with Vidya Balan recently when she visited inaugurate a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Though the occasion demanded Vidya to speak concerning the quick catching trend of cosmetic treatments, the actress went ballistic along with her gyan concerning internal beauty.

According to eye witnesses, "The organizers felt red faced for a flash when Vidya spoke concerning the very fact that internal beauty is a lot of necessary whereas inaugurating a cosmetic surgery clinic. it had been utterly out of place for her to say one thing that went against the terribly concept of the gathering.

Apparently, once couple of minutes, Vidya realized her mistake however by then the injury was done. Her doublespeak was the highlight of the event abundant to the chagrin of the gang gift."

This is not the primary time Vidya has been a public embarrassment, her last such misadventure wasn’t farewell ago when her dressing sense was the main focus of the media that she has even won a nareal award.

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