Movie Review: Luv Ka The End

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luv-ka -the-end

Director :Bumpy
Music : Ram Sampat
Lyrics :Amitabh Bhattacharya
Starring : Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Shenaz Treasuryvala and Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Gone are the times when betrayed or rejected in love, the naive, dainty & timid girl would be morose and blubber for her darling for remainder of the life. but not to any extent further as these days youth is way completely different. they’re terribly spontaneous, have fragile egos and emotions, are highly impulsive, aggressive need everything at the spur of the instant, etc. Today’s girl isn’t any longer an abla naari she is aware of what she needs from life and would not mind giving a blow to the one, who messes around together with her. She isn’t any longer able to take things in her stride rather braves in answering back. YRF’s latest venture Luv Ka the top, that has been created below their new production arm Y-films, is on identical lines.

Rhea Dialdas (Shraddha Kapoor) is that the quintessential lady nearby, in love together with her classmate Luv Nanda (Taaha Shah), the richest, spoilt brat and therefore the most well-liked boy in school. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, they commit to take their relationship to the ‘next level’. Everything is simply good and rosy for Rhea until she accidentally discovers Luv isn’t as nice as she thought he was and chased her solely as he’s a district of some sick net game, where scoring a virgin gets him the largest score and has been going around with too several females at identical time. So, Rhea decides to not get mad, however to induce even and convey Luv Nanda down! All within the span of 1 night. Rhea with the assistance of her 2 best friends devise a wicked commit to teach the supercool Luv a lesson.

Luv Ka the top is out-an-out chick flick and would fully attractiveness to all or any those girls and ladies who are deceived someday in their life by their dearies. The film has everything that we have a tendency to encounter in our day-to-day life – a stud, hot babes, a dreamy-eyed romantic pretty teenager, hang outs, night outs, parties, pyjama parties, best buddies, gangs, social networking, etc that appearance quite real and relatable. The language spoken (including abuses) and youthful terminologies like babes, BFF (best friend forever), etc conjointly augment film’s realism.

The concept of Luv Ka the top is contemporary, exuberant and snazzy, that works for its love decimation. Surprisingly it comes from a production house (Yash Raj Films), who gave Bollywood enough romance sutras with their miscellaneous love-stories within the past. However, as they are saying amendment is that the solely constant factor and you have got to gel with the time therefore YRF isn’t any exception.

Right from the start the film’s script holds you on however the important fun begins when it shifts the gear i.e. when the lady gang embarks to require revenge from the womanizer and build Luv Nanda to ‘Luv Nanga’. the varied tricks that the women use against Luv could seem very little kiddish and ludicrous however it’s those notorious tricks that makes the fare partaking enough. you’re feeling and take care of the charming Rhea’s sentiments and despite of the silly tricks you wish to affix hands with Rhea in her Luv demolishing maneuver.

Though Luv Ka the top is youthfully relevant, on the flipside the hidden motto of the film i.e. of being revengeful and acting impulsively doesn’t go down well and has the prospect of spreading a negative message among the youth.

The music and songs of the film are peppy and go in sync with the happenings. The ‘Mutton’ song and Ali Zafar’s track ‘Fun Fun Funaa’ stands out.

The best a part of the film is its endearing performances. Shraddha Kapoor clearly steals the show and it’s her performance that lights up the film. She is that the star of the film. The lead actor Taaha Shah, despite having those killing appearance, his performance fades away owing to his flawed accent and from time to time appearance unreal. Rhea’s best friends – Jugs (Pushtie Shaktie) because the plump supporter induces laughs and Sonia conjointly performs well in her half. Archana Puran Singh (Sonia’s mother oops her mom-cum-friend), who loves mingling with youth, suits the role. Ali Zafar’s cameo within the finish is pleasant like icing on cake. remainder of the solid – Karthikeyan, Timmy, Golu, Natasha conjointly play their half well. Shenaz Treasurywala’s cameo is seducing. Rhea’s child sister within the film is pretty smart however her grandmother’s half does not bring any laughter. On the contrary it comes as a speed-breaker within the speedy affair.

So all the women out there buckle up for one crazy night and do not miss this chic-flick.

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