U.S. will play different role in Pakistan

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In Pakistan’s parliamentary elections takes the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami. Inside, it strives for a theocracy. Over their foreign policy ideas Syed Munawar Hasan JI chief spoke.


Syed Munawar Hasan is the head of one of the largest and oldest Islamic political parties of Pakistan, the Jamaat-e Islami (JI Islamic community). In Pakistan on 11 May elected a new parliament, the JI pays rewards through alliances with other Islamist parties. Despite its nationwide presence, the JI – except in 2002 in what was then the Northwest Genzprovinz – Escapes so far in any Pakistani elections.

If the JI successfully cut in the elections, which would be its foreign policy priorities, particularly with regard to Afghanistan and the Taliban?

Supported by Parliament, we will not create a new, independent foreign policy, a foreign policy that is not dictated by the U.S.. We will raise our voices for the Muslims in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya and try to resolve the conflicts using the internationale3n community. As for the Taliban, we will negotiate with them without U.S. participation. No one knows better than the Taliban in Pakistan, and only Pakistan can get them to give up the armed struggle. The Taliban have issued all rebuffed, on behalf of the United States who wanted to negotiate with them if. In Qatar or in France

If you were to come to power, you will be able to meet the international obligations of Pakistan?

Pakistan is an important country for the world. The world can not ignore Pakistan, specifically. Because of its strategic importance and its connections with Afghanistan, China, Iran and Central Asia Currently, the U.S. is involved too much in Pakistan’s internal affairs. The change we are. We will give priority to our national interests, and I hope that the international community will understand our point.

Your party has been active for a long time in Pakistani politics. Why is it that they can not have such success as other religious parties, such as in Turkey or Egypt?

It is true that we are at the political level were not very successful. But we have achieved a lot, when it comes to the preservation of Islamic values ​​in Pakistan. The conditions in Pakistan are different from those in the countries mentioned. But we will continue our struggle to also be successful.

Assume that the elections will be free and fair?

We can not exclude the possibility of manipulation. The statements by the army chief, the Chief Justice and the interim government, we have taken with satisfaction. We will monitor the election process in any case carefully.

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