U.S. attack: five people die in drone attack in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, there has been an attack by a U.S. drone fight – five people were killed. Seven other people were injured. The attacks on the border with Afghanistan are highly controversial in the Pakistani population.


Islamabad – The series of deadly U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan’s border area with Afghanistan continues unabated. On Wednesday, at least five people were killed by intelligence information.

Seven people were injured in the rocket fire, said a Pakistani intelligence official, who wished to remain anonymous. Target was a militant Islamists hiding in the tribal area of ​​South Waziristan. The building was completely destroyed by two missiles.

Recently, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry condemned the ongoing U.S. drone strikes on Monday as a violation of international law. The country is currently in the election campaign. Many politicians use the explosive topic for votes.Also, the acute elle government protested repeatedly against the attacks. According to “New York Times” but should there be collusion between Islamabad and the U.S. military .

It is the second attack within a few days. At least four people were killed on Sunday in a U.S. drone attack in northwest Pakistan. Three rockets were fired at a house, reported Pakistan’s security forces. The identity of the victim is not yet clear.

The attack took place near the border with Afghanistan in Manzarkhel village in the district of North Waziristan.

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