Shots at the strawberry field

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The situation of irregular migrants in Greece is miserable. They are exploited, live in misery. Now the situation escalated.


This week on the outskirts of the small town of Nea Manolada on the Greek Peloponnese peninsula: When about 200 foreign strawberry pickers, mostly from Bangladesh and Pakistan, demanding their pay, the farmer can sell it by bodyguards with shotguns. Hail of bullets more than two dozen people were injured.

The area, located between Patras and Pyrgos on the west coast of the Peloponnese, Greece’s biggest growing region for strawberries. Tons of them are now being picked and packed here. However, few Greeks who pay in the supermarkets 1,50 EUR per basket, know the conditions under which the fruits are harvested. Locals working in the fields, far too much trouble. The farmers of Manolada employ almost exclusively migrants. Most of them are undocumented, live in self-made shacks or dilapidated houses.

The farmers use the plight of illegal immigrants mostly shamelessly: Five to six euros a day, more can not expect the workers. And even this money to farmers often leave unanswered for weeks. Other reward the worker in kind: instead of money they get for selling strawberries. Therefore, in recent years occurred in Manolada repeatedly clashes between migrants and farmers.

Now, the violence escalated. The 200 workers were not paid according to own data for months. But instead of the out zurich money, the farmer had bodyguards with guns going to the people. 28 immigrants were injured. Police arrested the 57-year-old farmer. The three shooters are on the run. Your identity is known to the police but.

Only the day before the Euro Europe, the Greek government invited severe incitement and hate speech against right-wing extremist groups such as the neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” to proceed and to better protect migrants. The Athens government is playing down the problem however: Racism is “only a marginal phenomenon in Greek society”.

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