Raymond Davis case challenge for Pakistan Government

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There is a growing belief in Pakistan that in Raymond Davis, they need got their man.

”Our diplomat” should be released, the US thundered within the initial days once Mr Davis shot dead 2 men in an exceedingly Lahore street, claiming the 36-year-old enjoyed diplomatic immunity from Pakistan’s legal system, no matter his crime.

The aggressive US rhetoric has been replaced by a lot of conciliatory language in recent days with the realization that obtaining Mr Davis out of the country are going to be harder than 1st thought, and as Pakistan’s government has raised serious questions about the legitimacy of Mr Davis’s presence within the country.
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The former Special Forces soldier was arrested on January twenty seven, once shooting dead 2 men on a bike he says were on the point of rob him at a crowded market intersection.

The two men were pulled over in front of Mr Davis at a traffic light-weight, when the passenger made a gun. Mr Davis drew his 9mm Glock pistol 1st, shot the armed man through the windscreen, before pursuing the driving force on foot, shooting him dead in addition. He calmly photographed their dead bodies, before driving away.

Today, the Lahore High Court can hear argument from the US and Pakistani governments on whether or not Mr Davis could be a diplomat and entitled to immunity beneath the Vienna Convention of 1961.

Should Mr Davis be released into US custody many political parties in Pakistan have promised violent demonstrations against the govt..

Should the court rule that Mr Davis should face trial, it’ll any strain an already broken relationship with the US, Pakistan’s biggest aid donor, and a key ally within the war on terrorism.

Pakistan’s former foreign secretary, Akram Zaki, told the Herald there have been limits to the immunity claimed beneath the Vienna Convention.

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