Obama warned Libyan ruler Moamer Kadhafi

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US President Barack Obama warned Libyan ruler Moamer Kadhafi should suspend onto power despite suffering strikes on his regime, however that a military approach wasn’t the sole manner Washington will push for his ouster.

The embattled Libyan leader "may attempt to hunker down and wait it out, even within the face of a no-fly zone," Obama told CNN.

"But keep in mind that we do not simply have military tools at our disposal in terms of accomplishing Kadhafi’s leaving," he added.

"We place in place robust international sanctions. We’ve frozen his assets. we’ll still ply a full vary of pressure on him."

Obama conjointly cautioned that the military approach to implementing the no-fly zone was constrained "specifically" beneath last week’s UN Security Council resolution to confirm "that the individuals of Libya are not assaulted by their own military."

The US leader, in El Salvador as a part of Latin America tour, earlier told reporters that he believed the air strikes launched by US, British and French forces at the weekend had already saved lives in Libya, where Kadhafi has vowed to indicate "no mercy" to opposition rebels.

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