Nawaz Sharif Says army control on foreign policy should end

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PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif said Friday that the Army’s management over the country’s foreign policy ought to finish.

Sharif was speaking at a reference held within the memory of Saleem Shehzad below the auspices of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA).

The PML-N Chief said people who act against the constitution and also the judiciary wouldn’t be tolerated. concerning the Kargil operation, the PML-N chief said that Musharraf’s Corps Commanders together with the Air and Naval weren’t attentive to the operation.

He said the resolve for bringing a few modification was solely gaining strength with time and added that no effort would be spared for furthering this cause.

Nawaz Sharif said there was nothing wrong with the thought of presenting the Army’s budget before the Parliament which the House Committees ought to scrutinize the budget for ISI.

“We don’t seem to be for any institution’s disrespect rather we have a tendency to solely wish to make sure their honour,” he asserted.

He said when all fingers purpose to somebody then the sole advisable factor for that somebody is to try to to some introspection. “Had the introspection been done, the incidents like Abbottabad and PNS Mehran may are averted,” he argued.

The PML-N Chief said that initial of all government itself ought to honour the National Assembly resolution.

“No one would be allowed to play the sport of violating the Constitution and law anymore nor would we have a tendency to let anyone kill journalists,” he maintained, adding, another long march would be held if required.

He said had democracy been given an opportunity, there would are no terrorism within the country.

Nawaz Sharif assured the journalist community he wouldn’t relax till Saleem Shahzad’s killers were unearthed.

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