Musharraf approved drone attacks reported

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Pakistan formally rejects the drone attacks for years off. But the former military ruler Musharraf admitted now that the government in Islamabad allowed such attacks by the Americans in individual cases.


Islamabad – The Government of Pakistan condemns U.S. drone attacks always a violation of the sovereignty of the country. In a new book, however, was recently a secret agreement between Islamabad and the CIA reveals: The country therefore agreed to the attacks by the unmanned aircraft to secretly when the Americans asked for permission before every attack. In return, Pakistan hoped that their own enemies would be killed by the inserts.

The former military ruler Pervez Musharraf describes the procedure similar to now: U.S. drone attacks were approved in individual cases by the government in Islamabad, he told the television channel CNN in an interview. This would, but only very rarely come “when the target was completely isolated and there was no risk of collateral damage,” Musharraf said. Condition was that the time for Pakistani special forces would not have been enough to attack the target itself.

Musharraf and the 2008 follow-elected civilian government had always denied having tolerated the hated people in drone attacks or even approved. From Pakistani security circles, it had also been called, in individual cases, the U.S. military had earlier delivered even target data.

With the unmanned aircraft and armed with missiles the U.S. go on the border with Afghanistan on Islamic militants. Time and again, civilians are killed in the attacks, however. According to a UN report in March while more than 400 civilians were killed. Of the think tank New America Foundation, the number of drone deaths was given since 2004 even with up to 3200 people. In 18 to 23 percent of those killed there had been to civilian casualties.

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