Japan stopped shipments near Nuclear Plant

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Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan Wednesday ordered 2 prefectures close to the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant to prevent shipping a spread of farm merchandise found to own elevated radiation levels.

Kan told prefectural governors to halt shipments of broccoli and "komatsuna" inexperienced leaf vegetables from Fukushima, and untreated milk and parsley from neighboring Ibaraki, Jiji Press and alternative media said.

Public broadcaster NHK said Kan had conjointly told individuals in those areas to not eat the vegetables, that were found to own abnormal radiation levels as a result of releases from the nearby crippled nuclear power plant.

Radioactivity drastically exceeding legal limits set underneath Japan’s food sanitation law had been found in eleven varieties of vegetable grown in Fukushima, conjointly as well as cabbage and a few inexperienced leaf vegetables, the health ministry said.

Radioactive cesium at eighty two,000 Becquerel — 164 times the legal limit — was found in one variety of leaf vegetable, together with fifteen,000 Becquerel’s of iodine, quite seven times the limit, the ministry said.

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