Smartphones with Firefox OS

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firefox-os-smartphonesMozilla reveals first Firefox OS smartphone. The manufacturer sells Geeksphone the first devices with the operating system OS Firefox for 110 and 180 euros. The target audience: developers and the curious.


The smartphone models Keon and Geeksphone peak of the first freely available devices with Firefox OS . Who wants to develop for Firefox OS or already use a smart phone with Mozilla’s operating system, the devices now available at Geeksphone order.


For around 110 euros plus shipping costs, there is the Keon, to the shipping costs of the provider makes no details on the website. This device is the hardware equipment produces the first Firefox OS smartphones already comply with that will come to market in the summer of 2013. Developers can use the device get a feel for what options have the equipment, the first to arrive with customers.


The better equipped Peak will cost about 180 euros, which then also have to get shipping costs. For the mass market, it will initially be no devices with the equipment of the peak. Therefore, the device is intended primarily for developers who want to primarily focus on future developments.


Geeksphone both smartphones are still delivered with a pre-release version of Firefox OS, it has the version number 1.0.1. Wireless can be distributed in the coming weeks with new updates Firefox OS versions, so that the device can be easily updated. Mozilla promises that every few weeks to see new updates to the operating system.


Device for developing and emerging countries


End of Jan. 2013 Geeksphone first presented the developer’s smartphone OS with Firefox, but so far neither called nor a delivery date prices. End of February 2013 Mozilla said then, that the Geeksphone models were addressed to developers , but in principle, any interested party may order it.


The low hardware configuration of Firefox OS smartphones reflects the intention of the Mozilla Foundation to make the Firefox OS devices affordable for as many people. As Christian Heilmann, Technical Evangelist at Mozilla Foundation, in an interview with had declared at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, ​​the organization will also provide users with low incomes access to the Internet and social media services such as Facebook and give Twitter, particularly in developing and emerging countries. It is not fair, for example, that an author or photographer could not share his works on the internet, just because he did not have the financial ability to buy an expensive smartphone.


Generally, no credit card is required to purchase apps in the marketplace Firefox, Heilmann said. The company wanted to enable the mobile network operators with a statement of the phone bill. In this way, Mozilla would also allow people to access paid apps that could not get a credit card. At the same time teenagers could buy apps would have to be without a parent’s credit card information entered on the device. This also serves to control costs: Using Prepaid Cards could prevent parents so much money that is spent on apps.


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