Israelis turn to Facebook in dairy revolt

June 18, 2011 1:15 am2 commentsViews: 7


More than sixty,000 individuals in Israel have rallied to defend cottage cheese on Facebook.

Using the social network that has helped to fuel political revolt within the Middle East, over sixty,000 individuals in Israel have rallied to a decision to defend a beloved cottage cheese of their society.

Removal of some government controls on dairy merchandise last year has blown the lid off the value of the domestically created little curd cheese. Facebook pages are calling for a month-long boycott of the merchandise beginning on July one. Cottage cheese in Israel is made by 3 main dairies and a 250 gram container sells for regarding $2.30, a seventy five p.c jump since the govt. worth cap was removed last year.

It might all mean a bathtub of bother for the govt. of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that has seen food costs rise three.6 p.c to this point this year.


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