Rare glimpse into Pakistan’s progressive fashion industry

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While Pakistan is still plagued by religious violence and American drones, the current Pakistani Fashion Week promises a respite from the turmoil.

Pakistan Fashion Week  will live  on the Internet on 9-10th April 2013 and shows streamed from Karachi fashion lines of 27 Pakistani designers.

Few know that fashion plays a very important role in the Pakistani daily.

Pakistan Fashion Week

Since 2009, Pakistan has dozens of fashion weeks held. This ‘fashion weeks’ offer the world a rare glimpse into a thriving and professional industry, which shows that cultural norms in Pakistan are not as strict or conservative, as is widely believed.

This edition “Spring / Summer 2013” of Pakistan Fashion Week will be followed by two other fashion events in April – the wedding Couture Week in Karachi, which specializes in wedding clothes, and Lahore will hold another Fashion Week.

Global Voices interviewed three designers before the event. They explained that despite the circumstances in Pakistan continuously created innovative ideas:

Fashionably yours Zari Faisal from Faisal Kapadia on Vimeo .

Fashionably yours Zari Faisal of Faisal Kapadia on Vimeo .

Fashion – Hasina Khanani from Faisal Kapadia on Vimeo .

Fashionably yours – Hasina Khanani by Faisal Kapadia on Vimeo .

Fashionably yours – MONA IMRAN from Faisal Kapadia on Vimeo .

Fashionably yours – MONA IMRAN by Faisal Kapadia on Vimeo .

Designers are also innovative when it comes to reach their market. A great example is this e store , the few hours after the collections were presented on the catwalk, they sold to domestic and international buyers.

Pakistan Fashion Week also crosses boundaries of social media in the country. The event will be streamed live and fashion bloggers like Nida Moughal and some twitterers will be reporting from the event. But the Internet is also a great concern represents the entire region is plagued by broadband problems, since two of the four underwater cables connecting Pakistan to the Internet, are damaged.

Fashionistas against the Taliban

Security concerns and threats by the Taliban at the first Pakistan Fashion Week in 2009 were the beginning of the fashionistas Against Taliban (# FAT) movement. The event took a war correspondent from neighboring states to Pakistan zuber’ll Know about fashion. This was the source of satirical tweets , memes and this Facebook group, which has a cult-like status attained among the users of social media in Pakistan.


Pakistani fashion designer Deepak Perwani. Image used with permission.

Sabahat Zakariya ( @ sabizak_ ), whose Twitter profile states that she is a ‘reverse snob and twitterers about life’, noted:

@ Sabizak_ (Sabahat Zakariya): # FAT “@ tammyhaq : Thanks for the fashion week season. A fashion week after the other will bring something out from the election drama. “

On more than one occasion, users of social media in Pakistan do about # FAT a bit funny.

Mosharraf Zaidi ( @ mosharrafzaidi ) A convalescent bureaucrat and columnist, known for his dry sense of humor, quips:

@ Mosharrafzaidi (Mosharraf Zaidi): This is like the Taliban! RT @holland_tom : “Good food and an obsession with fashion are signs of illness in a state.” – Seneca. # FAT

Investigative bloggers and Twitter users Shahid Saeed ( @ shahidsaeed ) tweeting a picture of a Pakistani politician who is known for his punk-like hair color:

@ Shahidsaeed (Shahid Saeed): Shireen Mazaris hair like so # FATtwitter.com / afi_alikhan / st … be.


Meme for Fashion Pakistan Week – reprinted with permission

Samra Muslim ( @ samramuslim ), describes himself as a lover of shoes, marketing and media, tweeted about the hype of social media at the Fashion Pakistan Week:

@ Samramuslim : Looking forward to # FPW now – it is certainly a great # socialmedia # case study of # Pakistan ! Good luck @ fashion pakistan @dperwani

Umair Mirza ( @ Umairmirza ) celebrated the entry of the fashion week in the “digital age”:

@ Umairmirza : the most interactive # FPW so far! You feel as if you were on the spot! Thanks @ pakistan fashion . It is a love of the digital age!


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