India Tests Nuclear Capable Long Range Missile

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Indian Nuclear Long Range MissileIndia first tested a nuclear-insertable long-range missile that could reach targets in Europe and China. According to the government of the trial was a success. The country could soon be among the few states that have nuclear ICBMs.

New Delhi – The nuclear-armed India first tested a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile from its own production. The missile “Agni V” should be able to carry nuclear warheads up to 5,000 miles.

The rocket of the type “Agni V” was fired on Thursday from the test site on Wheeler’s Iceland before the East Indian coast, told the NDTV news channel.The rocket is 17 meters long according to official figures, and 50 tons. You can make a nuclear warhead with a weight of carrying more than one ton.

With the successful development of the missile would India are among the few countries that have nuclear long-range missiles. According to evidence-only the permanent members have the UN Security Council USA, Russia, China, Britain and France such systems.

The first test was successful early on Thursday after government data. It was a “perfect success” and a “significant milestone in the Indian missile program,” the defense minister AK Antony said, according to his spokesman. India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulated the scientists responsible for the missile program to a successful start.

The rocket had reached an altitude of more than 600 kilometers, said the head of the Indian organization for research and development in the defense sector (DRDO), Vijay Saraswat. All three stages had worked and that the charge would be distributed according to plan. “India has risen to a great start with this missile force,” he said.

India upgraded to a massive

The government had described the missile as an important milestone in its efforts to put a counterweight to Chinese domination in the region. “It is a quantum leap for India’s strategic capabilities,” a spokesman said before the start of the DRDO.

The nuclear-armed India is investing heavily in armaments and modernizing their armed forces, especially in light of the technologically advanced missile systems in China. The long-range missile could reach her, according to experts in theory meet all targets in China and throughout Asia and various European countries. DRDO spokesman Ravi Gupta stressed that the missile was a “national non-specific” deterrent.

Last week had seen a failed missile test by North Korea’s international excitement. Unlike North Korea, India is the largest democracy in the world but as a reliable and responsible government. India does not follow first-strike doctrine and always stressed that nuclear weapons were used only as a deterrent and defense.

So far, the most powerful range of Indian missiles (“Agni III” and “Agni IV”) is limited to 3,500 kilometers. Thus, the whole neighboring Pakistan was already covered, which also has nuclear weapons. The arch-enemies India and Pakistan since their independence in 1947 have resulted in three wars against each other.

The “Agni V” – Agni means fire in Hindi and – in New Delhi at least four times to be tested before they are expected to be introduced in 2014 or 2015 in the armed forces must, according to the Defense Department. Its development cost the equivalent of around 370 million €.

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  • Pakistan now needs to test and then North Korea. The Vilk is played for world domination, and this is not to sleep with hunger!

  • Where is the worldwide protest? Oh yeah, I forgot, India is indeed “our” ally. Perhaps it should be allowed to at least point out that this country should fight maybe once his poverty before it frittered away money … Then Pakistan will probably follow suit soon.

  • After India, as well as North Korea, Pakistan and Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but is now a total freeze on all Wirschaftsboykott and foreign assets – or am I wrong?

  • This is quite strange. Since Iran has or has not, as North Korea tests and in both cases is the organized clamor large. Who actually determines who can have nuclear weapons? Who determines that the world community has to tolerate that Israel has nuclear weapons and not acceding to the Nonproliferation Treaty. And now. Since India tests nuclear-capable long-range missiles and is reported as if it was the test of coffee machines. How macabre. They’re usually the loudest scream apparently even those who have the largest nuclear arsenals and not think about themselves as can be seen in the maps. Wars will not instigated because the security of the world community, sonderm talked with Kohler to enforce economic goals. And we … with our pledge of allegiance to make. Too bad! QUOTE = sysop; 10043104] for the first time India has tested a nuclear-insertable long-range missile that could reach targets in Europe and China. Several TV stations showed pictures of the experiment. Should he succeed, the country would be one of the few countries that have nuclear ICBMs.

  • Before now say again, you first must all feed fed before you can concentrate on national defense – it> is only 37Cent per capita. This will print every Indian happy if you can not always prevent it, the China Grenztreitigkeiten force must deliver. Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin come to mind. Furthermore, if one is surely also protect against Pakistan, the Terroroistenaktionen in Bombay / Mumbai are likely to still be good memories of its nuclear arsenal and is controlled by an unstable military dictatorship …

  • that indian is a responsible state. And it calms me aud that says a person who is responsible – and who does not.

  • If the school does (so over the next 50 years – North Korea and Iran are indeed long-range missiles not averse), the race is to obtain a nuclear second-strike capacity and come back soon. Even in Turkey has been recently speculated by some commentators already about building a nuclear force. The issue is still to some extent by not – as we had hoped after the end of the Cold War.

  • What the Indians need such a thing?

  • Thus, India adopted as a country, the aid can be given. Who can threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction, must have the means and resources to develop his country socially. Thus earning the country and the people in this area of ​​development is no longer supported. This aid would be an indirect subsidy of the nuclear arms race.

  • Where is the international outcry? I personally feel threatened by India’s nuclear weapons no less than North Korea.

  • A war of aggression is now imperative! Oh, that? India is dependent on oil imports, which held itself to sell (and that too cheeky, in a different currency than the dollar)? In the case uninteresting ..

  • Western nuclear opponent? Not yet had time to read? Not yet gotten out of a warm bed? Oh yes, India has ICBMs. which are of course not a threat. Only North Korea or Iran. Heuchlerbande.

  • EU – India Development Assistance: € 470 million are estimated for 2007-13, and 2010 are 260 million has flowed, by 2013, follow the remaining 210 million, which would be the core funding of some other Raketchen.

  • The hypocrisy of the so-called free press is not just disgusting! Unlike North Korea, India is seen as a green ¶ ayte democracy in the world but as a reliable and responsible government? Democratic India? A country is democratic with box. God knows I am not Komunist and not from North Korea, but please where is the difference between this and the missile test by North Korea? If the test last week Provokationdarstellte, why is not this called the same thing? Here is not about China, Russia and Pakistan have been provoked? Just this deviant real existing “free press”. Unfortunately, the mirror …

  • How can a country allow its residents live in poverty and at the same time afford million-dollar nuclear weapons? You do not understand …

    • better ask yourself. poverty eradication requires a generation gap. and India is doing much better in this.

  • In order to wave direction both China and Pakistan with the fence post.

  • You have Seider still not understood what is at stake. Have only friendly with the United States associated durefen States nuclear weapons (and this of course only with written permission). Germany has ever objections against Israeli nuclear weapons and had not obeyed UN resolutions? UN resolutions are not for everyone. The UN is another instrument of the exercise of power.

  • We have almost the relentless upgrading of the Cold War is now overcome, and the theater from the beginning. Except that this time there are not only two players, but at least 4 I am certainly not comfortable with that.

  • Man, what a luck! Belong to the type of coverage, India must indeed be the good guys!

  • The difference between the Indian and the North Korean missile is the other one does not. While I have no fear of the Indian missile, but the North Korean missile manages not even to Japan.

  • 1 billion that have nothing to eat, such as the GDP in the third world but even to build big new rocket, take time to sample the rest of the people.

  • But, but. The development assistance funds are still in the development of Infrastructures and everything else goes with it, belongs to a developing country to a developed country machen.Natürlich to a long-range missile, which you can bolt atomren warheads. Will you be the next war conflict with Pakistan on the border area of ​​India jagen.Also been great, but that contaminate whole regions have the same, so you can show who has the bigger is funny.

  • ow … I will also have nuclear weapons. (I would be interested to know how this occurs probably as India must as not all neighboring countries and those who “noticed” something would warn beforehand, something like:. “Hey guys, amol listens, I dun book now our Adomwaffn desdn Thurs, so dun ned bidde glai zrück schießn! I wolln nothing bad. “Because otherwise it would have any warning systems in the world drehn hollow and light up like a Christmas tree when there rumfleucht so ne unannounced missile. Or can distinguish something of NEM normal Flugzeutstart at all? flies indeed enough satellites as likely to follow up around such a price. In the end, we are already in the middle of nuclear war and nobody kriegts with, and India has once extinguished just a dirty little people on the neighboring island? many questions.

  • In order to carry nuclear weapons deep into enemy territory and can ignite. Is a great weapon. Everyone wants. Since then no longer a fart. Therefore, the West and not North Korea and Iran that has these things.

  • Me neither, but since we just return the Bundeswehr can massively reduce sleep we certainly quiet, because the politicians know what they are doing. And if we are to set a good example of the others sure to follow.

  • this example, really? Food is clearly overrated. And all the creationists in spite of there but an evolution. The U.S. and Russia have made the step into a “nuclear weapons poorer ‘world already. Other countries are only in so far as to play. Germany is still not at all come to play with. Is probably because the Lüneburg Heath not a great test site delivers.

  • This will help the 500 million starving Indians certainly much! And now emphasize the same times all development assistance, provided there are any. Would have happened 10 years ago should.

  • What aid? Is canceled for three years, as for China.

  • Less food, more weapons, the proper way to reduce the overpopulation. Clever Indians!

  • You have not read my post properly. I’m not talking about rockets, nuclear weapons and that I feel just as threatened by the Indian * how * to the North Korean. For each country, which has A-arms, has the ability to terminate all of our existence. By the way, I think a country like India, which in abject poverty and suffers from internal conflicts too dangerous not to sane as Iran, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

  • Yes, these extreme opposites in those countries, I wonder again and again.

  • That’s because you’re just paranoid easily. That it is wrong that a country with probably more hungry people than any other country on earth, weapons of mass destruction does and now supports systems with which they are thousands of “surrender” of miles can be developed, is unquestionable. But that is the heart of the matter. I feel threatened by India only insofar as it is always just before a war with his neighbors also nuclear-tipped. North Korea, however, is driven by mental illness, since one must reckon with everything, including the sale of nuclear firecrackers on awkward parties … I do not see this threat in India.

  • In principle, every rocket, which can venture into the orbit, nuclear-capable (not able to .. what is an active feature). A nuclear weapon is not heavier than a satellite. Effective immediately, all payments made in India without consideration to the test. A country that has the economic and technical capability for missile development needs, not our help. This is also true for other countries such as China.

  • Of course, there is not just something, but very much. He would ask, where is the “outrage of the world” suddenly disappeared. He would wonder why the men Westerwelle, Niebel, Seehofer, Steinmeier, and the fraction of the willing, have suddenly lost their voice? He would miss the NATO threats, which are usually present abruptly. He was also the voice of the UN, Mr. Ban, the friend of the United States, miss, clarifying again, who is friend and foe here and who is allowed to do everything or nothing, on behalf of the world, eh.

  • Wow, what the Indians can Sun The fact that most villages are still without electricity, let alone have a doctor you like to forget with such achievements. The positive side is, of course, that one day India and China will decimate each other. Then there is finally a solution to the biggest problem of this world – overpopulation. We just need time to increase our supply of iodine tablets.

  • should be exercised when it comes to nuclear arms. Israel, too, is now officially established as a nuclear power. Pakistan and India are antagonists. France and Germany are antagonists. The overkill is currently available for France. China, Russia and the United States are neutralized. A departure from this strategy is unwahrschenlich, large land wars can not be performed. Distance wars can only be threatened by missiles, but also no longer be performed. So we will continue to live in peace, the fear of mad because half the world might accidentally blow up.

  • Not necessarily. For the re-entry from orbit, a heat shield and a step is necessary to refine the targeting. The latter is an attempt to step forward and should also be tested.

  • Yes, you’re wrong! And now you ponder sometimes nice about why you are wrong. as Aid: Iran has signed this contract!

  • Why “would”? He’s still alive and can express his concern for world peace. A bit of ink, he still has, as I’m sure. Or was again afraid that the others are mean to him when he writes something against India?

  • A country is selling in poverty and sustained by child labor (EMPLOYMENT from the age of eight) to democracy as a joke.

  • Why is there no outcry from the Western countries? Is India (including Pakistan) as a peaceful state, because nothing can happen? But if North Korea or Iran do smaller missile tests, then the western world is brought into line. What hypocrisy is that?

  • India will be upgraded to the frontline state for the U.S. defense against China as the former FRG. The Indian “friends” will repel the aggressors on their territory. Thus we need short-range missiles would be enough time in Germany as well. New areas of tension with which to build agents always was and is the strategy of the U.S. administration. One can only hope that Mrs. Merkeln not too similar expressions as in the case can move as a U.S. lackey Isreals.

  • western nuclear opponent? Not yet had time to read? Not yet gotten out of a warm bed? Oh yes, India has ICBMs. which are of course not a threat. Only North Korea or Iran. Heuchlerbande. [/ QUO I do not think that the three countries are comparable. North Korea’s dictatorship and the people are starving, Iran is on the way to the stone age and the religion is a much more uncertain factor than eg. India. If I had Pakistan on my side, I could not sleep at night and quiet. Ultimately would have to be decommissioned over the world, but this will never happen.

  • “No, you’re not mistaken. So it will come speedily, because the self-proclaimed” world power “is still absolutely fair. She knows there’s nothing. Differences between peoples, are contrary.” Good Morning America, life, thats. Instead of “tinkering” bombs were the rulers of India quick to question the caste system and hastily ban. It all really annoying.

  • Clear. Finally, we have a position. All Western value chains, based on the exploitation of India’s human capital, cut brutally. You will see.

  • Shahid Masood

    India is above all times, a relatively stable democracy that does not threaten their neighbors on a regular basis, international agreements will enter into the dirt or supports terrorists. If it does not fit the Indians, how their government spends their money, then they can choose a new one. Pakistanis, North Koreans or Iranians have this option, and not to this extent.

  • Government statisticians are you? The naive assumption sounds like it. You should be the hoffentlichklar the (alleged) development costs of AGNI V not equal to the cost of the entire missile program, let alone the nuclear weapons program. I hope you have helped.

  • I see it as you do, however, as formerly colonized I would also want to make sure never to be again majorisierbar. I also want to allow me to remember three things: – we (the West) developed the bomb. – We put them on two occasions in civilian surroundings. – We have been operating for centuries gunboat diplomacy. Anyone who now drooling with foaming at the mouth, I would like to recommend one’s own perspective in the case with the Indian trade and to question the previous review in this way. Who is the real engine of war and destruction in this world? Note: the man of today is different from before 10,000 years ago only by the quality of his stick. Spiritually, ethically and morally, there is no gradient, which is supposedly recognizable pure whitewash, served with a salute of bigotry?

  • instead of echauffieren about alleged hypocrisy, you can sometimes brush up your knowledge of India beyond the common table platitudes … — Quote — I’m not a white Komunist God and not from North Korea, but please where is the difference between this and the missile test by North Korea? — End quote — you know the difference if you have worked your knowledge about India … — Quote — If the test last week Provokationdarstellte, why is not this called the same thing? Here is not about China, Russia and Pakistan have been provoked? — End quote — probably not Russia, Pakistan is weaker anyway but unpredictable and the strength of China may indeed be something to oppose legitimate only if it is not possible, even China for downgrading to move – or do you think that China is as unobtrusive flawless democracy without castes, vertauenswürdiger than India? — Quote — Just this deviant real existing “free press”. Unfortunately, the mirror … — End quote — I think, however rather vulgar behavior on the basis of insufficient knowledge of the fundamentals (short house slogans Sch **) kinky …

  • Then other countries also need to create just overkill capacities, where it is possible for them. It is in such countries as India, why the world can not be pacified. Hopefully some time in the EU bureaucrats to the defense shield. But our politicians give us in total. To American banks, oil and energy suppliers, foreign military forces, … Traitors and criminals are the who act AGAINST their own country. Where the well in foreign countries (Syria, Greece, …) is more important than the welfare of their own country. Miserable moralists.

  • How much money has been squandered in the balance of terror. What one would have anything to do wonderful things in the world. Well maybe not again. Because it would certainly have been some selfish fanatics who could not bear it, that would be the tax money to “Nichtsnützer and lazy” left, which would in turn put more children into the world. It relates to stimulate the small things in our country, but already the owner of toiling work maybe used workplace-owners on the Hartz IV. Politically, the rearmament of deterrence was not easy to bear, let alone politically. In spite of all there was the economic miracle. Yes! The other counter-power went down and now it’s no wonder that all rely on deterrence. Perhaps it is in other states also become an economic miracle, such as China and the supposedly 100% true ideologies and religions are more and more diluted by virtue of the factual and go on gradually. Yes, perhaps in the distant future, there is a sort of world government and the ideologies and religions will disappear and the egotistical narcissistic nationalism and all over the world human rights apply as a new benchmark for the political elite! :-))) Yes, we have also placed on the deterrence and therefore we should really keep our mouths shut. Whether these good deterrent in the long run is obviously a hypothetical question, is that our descendants can beantworden once.

  • Whats wrong? How many troops you need for a nuclear / plutonium, chemical or biological contamination or explosion threat and repel? Except for large dump trucks and excavators have enough to pay off the dirt five feet deep and then move into the sea because they need do nothing. The Indians have the bomb but for years, just like almost everyone else. Development assistance for India highlight? Cute how naive some are. Development aid is still just another term for bribes.

  • The difference is that “we” have learned in recent years – at least as far as nuclear weapons. In sharp contrast to the developing countries like India and Pakistan, which have nothing to eat themselves and believe themselves to a purely religiously motivated conduct that each other to keep up with nuclear weapons in check or even eradicate the long run. It is truly scandalous that the UN can go through those things in fragile states, simply because they are geo-strategically useful somehow.

  • India and China have cremate according to media reports for years a so-called” economic miracle” almost all the way without first cities to rubble, and no Marshall Plan and serve as a window function against Stalinism need to … In addition, India is a safe country that does not border war in Kashmir with Pakistan leads to high altitude level, Islamists there are of course no radical or terrorist groups. Irony-off

  • Even if all modern weapons systems would be disarmed, the world would then not much more peaceful and more secure, because then the different specimens of Homo sapiens would just start again with scythes and pitchforks to each other. 🙂 That’s why I’m still that remain nuclear deterrent for Waffensyteme receive. Without them there would have been long since the third hot world war and if we had survived and been born after at all would, in my opinion is quite uncertain About what to think but you should be a self-employed working robotic system that each State was the first such weapons used, extinguish immediately.

  • Large sections of the population, especially in rural areas, suffer from hunger or is threatened by hunger, access to fresh water, for many is a not-to-reach luxury, the illiteracy rate remains high, social problems and rural exodus – these are just a few problems that India faces. Aside from the fact that it provides itself with Pakistan always nice small skirmishes on the border. Since the test of a long-range missile for me is also high on the priority list. On some days, only a desire come over, developing countries would be left to themselves, in due time they hit each other in their heads, and some problems are self The Machtberauschtheit and folly of the rulers of these countries is always breathtaking.

  • Tell that to die around 1 Millione children there every year from malnutrition. In order to protect themselves from Pakistan you do not need ICBMs. Soo is really not far away Pakistan.

  • Do not you think that there is in the Western world, various caste systems, which unlike the Indian, even if you wanted to, can not be banned? What do you know about all of India and over, have already been there, have you worked there?

  • Of course, religious influences can never be underestimated. Their theory of India as religious aggression, motor-fourth of them but not even the state is supported to some extent. India is declared as a secular democracy. Although Hinduism is the dominant religion of India’s population, like Christianity in Germany, for example, India is noteworthy that the state with the third largest Islamic population in the world (after Indonesia and Pakistan). With Kalam, India even had a Muslim president! How does that work if India would pursue supposedly religiously motivated foreign policy objectives (current examples?) …. Would not then take a harder line first domestically?

  • Thank you! But that’s not me, that I am right. It is just for milking mice, listen if you read every day this “free press”, and must see and they will be sold daily for even more stupid. What Remember these scribblers and their masters do not seem to encourage or even worse, perhaps even intended to dismantle the faith in the democratic system. A system in which the rule should actually apply the truth, equality and justice, but that unfortunately we are moving away more and more toward a true guided democracy in which we in the future such comments as these and other dangerous in this forum again could be for the authors. I’m just keyword: pre-emptive killing of a suspected terrorist. Who determines the future who is a terrorist? The “free press” fails anyway terrific and I would be ashamed of such a criminal network to be. In that sense, again THANK YOU!

  • They then formulate the attitude of some “rulers of India” (think the state government?) to the caste system – so be others who have less knowledge of India and the caste system as you enlightened times …. Would help everyone if there is more to a discussion rauszurotzen as baseless slogans …

  • India is above all times, a relatively stable democracy that does not threaten their neighbors on a regular basis, international agreements will enter into the dirt or supports terrorists. Finally … a reasonable justification for German long-range missiles!

  • If I am not mistaken, is what this discussion for the possession of nuclear weapons and associated launchers. Who actually determines which country may legitimately be in possession of such instruments of death and what not? Iran and North Korea must not, Israel, Pakistan and India may now be here often refer to the respective governments and religions also brought into play. So far, only a decision-making power of the “free West” occurred, and it arises naturally the question: Why “of the” The “West” with its appendages NATO and many “friends” has so much dirt on his clothes, that it under normal conditions would not leave the house. Nevertheless, he takes by virtue of his superior military power out of the right to determine who may also sometimes play with the rockets, if you are only submissive enough. It is also found in the mainstream media always enough support and also in many human “friends” legal aid, which transform every injustice in the law immediately, as now in Yemen with the use of drones against any person. To speak with G.Grass: That had to be said, perhaps it is to read

  • Yes. But Indian intelligence agencies have information that we know not all of them. Perhaps there is also danger from countries which are still farther away.

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