‘Aisha Gaddafi’ Gaddafi’s daughter defends her father

April 16, 2011 7:37 pm11 commentsViews: 247

Aisha-Gaddafi Gaddafi’s daughter surprisingly appeared in public and spoke in favour of her father.

The relations of Muammar Gaddafi are showing in public one by one to save lots of his rule.

First of all his son Saif-ul-Islam raised voice in his father’s support and currently his daughter Aisha has entered into this arena. there have been rumours that Aisha Gaddafi fled and visited Malta.

Aisha Gadhafi delivered a defiant speech in Tripoli nowadays, saying "The suggestion of Gaddafi stepping down could be a provocation to all or any Libyans. Gadhafi isn’t in Libya however within the hearts of Libyans." She said that NATO forces have repeated 25-year-old history by attacking Libya.

Participants of the rally chanted anti-American slogans throughout Aisha’s speech.


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